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Choke on my fuck

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October 8th, 2007

12:34 am - grrarr
Ryan Sweeter can choke on my fuck.

Who the hell goes to a concert, pays the money for the ticket, claims to like the band, only to get drunk on shitty beer and WATCH THE GODDAMN COWBOYS GAME? Much less start screaming at the television during a ballad? And almost hit me flailing at the ref?

If you're gonna be mildly, locally, famous, you'd better either A) not be an utter douchebag B) be able to handle your liquor or C) both. Because we know what you look like even when you're not behind the sports desk on the news. Ass. Or didn't you recognize me, the girl who was once your employee? Stay home and drink.

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April 2nd, 2007

05:36 am
Senioritis can choke on my fuck.

Actually, anything happening in the next 40 days that is not House, Dancing With The Stars, or alcohol, can choke on my fuck.

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February 22nd, 2007

08:59 pm
Our thermostat can choke on my fuck.

At least the part of it that thinks moving the switch from "heat" to "cool" means "keep blowing hot air so when you come in from the drugstore it's 88 and climbing in the goddamn house".
Current Mood: hothot

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November 12th, 2006

08:35 pm
All the other people doing NaNoWriMo who have already hit 50,000 can choke on my fuck.

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August 18th, 2006

04:33 pm - ... wtf?
Half.com can TOTALLY choke on my fuck.

Why? They've suddenly decided that my shipping address and billing address must be the same. My billing address is in Jackson. I am in Oxford. Can't change the billing address on my card, therefore I would have had to ship my shit to Jackson and had my poor parents have to turn around and send it up here.

Fuck that.
Current Mood: angryangry

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August 12th, 2006

09:00 pm
vista III media can choke on my fuck.

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April 4th, 2006

07:29 am
the course registration software can choke on my fuck.

as can pre-reqs. unless the loophole i think i found works.

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February 20th, 2006

11:20 pm
W.B.M. Welsh and his Analysis of Classic Lowland Maya Burials can choke on my fuck, hard.

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06:45 am
Chancellor Khayat can choke on my fuck

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February 13th, 2006

10:42 am
Whoever invented pop-under advertisements that YELL AT YOU can choke on my fuck. Hard.

*mutters and remembers to turn popups back OFF after using sites that require them*

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